Title:  Probability Practice
Summary:J.A.R.V.I.S isn’t wholly dissipated / destroyed by Ultron in 2015. Instead, part of the AI is sent back to 1947 to the original Edwin Jarvis. 23 years before his Sir is born. J.A.R.V.I.S developed sentience through the constant use of probability theory. Now he will turn theory into practice. General. Agent Carter AU, Not Canon Compliant.
Pairings J.A.R.V.I.S & Jarvis, Howard Stark & Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark / Maria Collins Carbonell, may be minor Peggy Carter/ Steve Rogers, maybe Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Warnings Rated General. Maybe Mature. Not Explicit. Violence level will be same or less as per the show (probably less) Possible Non-con / Dub con in the initial interaction between J.A.R.V.I.S and Edwin Jarvis. Possible inadvertent temporary voyeurism Possible Homophobia due to time period. Overt Sexism due to time period.. Mentions of future child abuse. Mentions of future murders. Mentions of past and future POW torture. Improbable science. Pick and Mix canon compliance.

Title:The Other Child
 Summary: AU Harry Potter fanfiction. Petunia Evans had long been aware that she was not her parents’ favourite child; she was determined to succeed and achieve her dreams in spite of this. Regulus Black is conflicted and trying to reconcile that pleasing his family may lead him down a dangerous path that he does not want to tread, yet this path seems increasingly inescapable as others put increasing pressures on Regulus and his close friends. After a chance meeting in a pub, a friendship (and eventually love) begins that may change their lives although dark times are on the horizon with the rise of Voldermort.
PairingsPetunia Evans/ Regulus Black
Warningsmentions of death, child abuse, torture and violence mentioned. The story does not focus on these but due to the canon setting, there will be brief references to these.

Title: Code Bound
Summary: When Stiles is kidnapped by hunters to get to the pack, Noah Stilinski is almost killed at the Nemeton in his efforts to stop the bloodshed. Soaked in his father’s blood, Stiles curses the Hunter’s Code they use to defend their actions. The Nemeton accepts the blood as sacrifice and makes the Hunter’s Code a binding contract. The Pack escapes with Stiles and Noah, taking them to the hospital. Chris takes cover behind the Nemeton and sees all the hunters killed by their own weapons. Hunters and Supernatural must adapt to a world where Hunters must literally live or die by their Code. Chris Argent stands witness to this changing world and must make a decision on where he will stand and who he will save. His warnings fall on deaf ears at first until the consequences can’t be ignored. The Hunter’s Council assembles in Beacon Hills to determine if this change is reversible and if not how they will survive going forward. Will Chris and his daughter survive? Will his forbidden relationship with Peter Hale become known? And, if so, what are the consequences?
PairingsChris Argent/Peter Hale, Alison Argent/Scott McCall, pre-Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings: Character Bashing, Dark Themes, Death – Major Character, Death – Minor Character, Hate Crimes, Kidnapping, Murder, Racism, Rape/NonCon—Canon—Derek Hale, Torture, Underage—Canon—Derek Hale, Violence – Canon – Level. Rape, NonCon, and Underage are all from Teen Wolf canon and only mentioned in the story. Warning for character death but I’m on the fence so that might change in the final draft.

Title:Code of Honor (working title)
 Summary:Admiral AJ Chegwidden is assigned the task of negotiating with the Klingon Empire. Persuading the Empire, flush with victory and recovering from the devastating losses of the Dominion-Cardassian war, to part with the territories they had seized wasn’t the most futile task he’d faced. Not in a career that had involved fighting Romulans, Cardassians, the Borg, and the Dominion. It might be time to consider retiring and leaving frustrating tasts to officers less worn-down by grief, time, and loss than he was. If there were any such officers left in a Starfleet battered by the Dominion war. The real question wasn’t how to negotiate with Klingons without having to stab someone; it was what was going on with the aide he’d been assigned. Lt Cmd DiNozzo, with her interesting record and odd collection of skills and ability to follow orders while making it seem like her idea. DiNozzo, who spoke Klingon and met with Orions in dark corners of a space station and who recognized Nausican mercenaries by name. This was anything but a standard diplomatic mission. Good thing AJ Chegwidden wasn’t much of a diplomat.
PairingsAJ Chegwidden/Tony DiNozzo (female)
Warnings:canon-typical violence (Star Trek and NCIS), discussion of war, discussion of war crimes, attempted murder, crime, discussion of betrayal

Title:Harry Potter and The New Beginning
Summary: After defeating Voldemort, Harry Potter shuts down. Seventeen years of abuse, traumatic events and near constant fear have taken their toll. In short, Harry has massive PTSD. Neville Longbottom steps forward to help Harry. With the help of friends, family, house elves and Hogwarts itself, Harry begins a healing journey that will literally change his life. As Neville helps his friend, he comes into his own as a young, plant obsessed Lord.
Pairing:Neville/Luna, Neville/Luna/Harry, Ron/Hermione in background
Warnings:Discussions of abuse. Past coercion and non-consensual behavior. Character experiencing extreme anger and rage. Intense grief.

Title:Tipping Point
Summary:The hunters have pushed too far and the lone survivor of another decimated pack cries out for justice in the oldest and most mystical of ways. The Earth decides to hear their plea, and Stiles can only hope to mitigate the damage.
Pairings:Gen, background Derek/Stiles (pairing not relevant to storyline, but they are together)
Warnings:Hate crimes (werewolf hunters), discussion of violence and murder.

Title:You Never Walk Alone – Begin
 Summary:BTS (K-Pop group) AU. Mixed with the K-Drama The Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong. Jin is a medium and has been able to see spiritus since he was young. He get pulled back to the Serious Crime Unit when a mother goes missing and her ill son asks for help. He ends up working with the Serious Crime Unit members, mainly Min Yoongi, who he had helped a long time ago when the young man was a collage student and his friend had been murdered. In the serious Crime Unit he comes across a young spirit of a man, that hangs out there. With his help, and with him occasionally possessing Min Yoongi, they help to solve the case of the missing mother.
Pairings:Kim Seokjin & Min Yoongi & Kim Namjoon & Park Jimin & Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook, Kim Seokjin & Hobi
Warnings:RPF, Murder, graphic murder, violence- graphic, injuries, blood, almost child death, kidnapping, possession, mediums, discussion of murder, organ harvesting, dark themes, Major Character is dead from the start.

Title: Sons ≠ feet of Clay
Summary: When Clay leaves the army under a hardship discharge (with no warning beforehand to the team), Roque tracks him down (with help from Jensen) and meets Clay’s sons, Sam and Dean.
Pairings:Franklin Clay/William Roque, Mary Winchester/John Winchester (in the past)
Warnings:Off screen sex, post off screen death

Title: Untitled HP (Temp Title)
Summary: 8 years after the war ends, Harry has a lot going on… trying to figure out his living situation, a new career, and managing the wizard in world’s expectations. Not to mention a burgeoning friendship with a dragon that he hopes may become more. Basically just a good old get together fic.
Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Warnings: Potentially some mild Ginny and /or other Weasley bashing

#10 Claimed
Title:Kneazle’s Kitten
Summary:Minerva McGonnagal had never allowed any man to dictate the path of her life. And she didn’t intend to start with that meddling fool and let him get away with leaving poor Harry on the doorsteps of those horrible muggles, even if she had to take care of the little boy herself.
Warnings: mentioned character death (canon), canon level violence

#11 claimed
Title: Mise en place.
Summary: NCIS fanfiction Mise en place – preparing everything before you start cooking. AU NCIS fanfiction. Tony DiNozzo is injured in the line of work and his mental state is fragile as a result of his treatment by his team. His old friend Vivian Blackadder has had enough and seeks justice and revenge on those who have wronged DiNozzo.
Pairings: Tony Dinozzo/ Vivian Blackadder
Warnings: serious injury, death (possibly. major character death), depression, possible mention of suicidal ideation, toxic relationships, graphic descriptions of violence.

#12 Claimed 
Title:  The Dead Speak – The Slaughter House
Summary:  The Untamed fandom, Modern Au. Wei Ying is the new corner in town. Seeing his brother as the local detective for the first time since he left the family. They have both changed and grew since then. Wei Ying is a single father after adopting Wei Yaun. There he meets Jiang Cheng’s partner, Lan Zhan. And finds out that Wei Ying doesn’t have the memories from when Lan Zhan and Wei Ying had spent a year together as best friends. He lost his memories after he had been kidnapped a few months after Lan Zhan had to move away. They end up working a case together, where people are turning up dead, with various injuries over their bodies. As though they have walked through glass, and things like that. and ended up dead at the end of it all. Their bodies all cleaned. Lan Zhan finds out that Wei Ying has an ability, he is psychometric, he can see the past when he touches a person or object. Together the three of them all help to solve the case. With Lan Zhan and Wei Ying getting to know each other again. And with Wei Ying reconnecting to some of his family.
Pairings:  Future Lan Zhan/Wei Ying, Lan Zhan & Jiang Cheng
Warnings:  torture, murder, crime drama, description of injuries caused by torture, psychometric abilities, angst, fluff, family drama, amnesia, kidnapping (mention), autopsis, Modern AU. beginnings of romance,

Title: I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear
Summary: Long time friends Tony DiNozzo and Jason Hayes have been ignoring their attraction to each other for quite a while. However when Tony gets sick post Requiem a conversation is had and the two men decide its time to take the next step. Now they just have to figure out how to work around Tony’s job being in DC, and Jason’s job being whereever the Navy takes him. This will be mostly post Requiem fallout and Tony and Jason deciding to give it a try. (This will be an addition to an existing series, but will be able to be read as a stand alone story.)
Pairings:Tony DiNozzo/Jason Hayes
Warnings: Possible Character Bashing – Abby, Ziva, McGee, Senior, Gibbs; Illness, Post Plague Issues, DADT issues, Canon Divergence SEAL Team and NCIS (SEAL Team Timeline non existent),

#14 Claimed
Title:Amrâlimê 3: The Ring
Summary:  Last part of my Amrâlimê series. With dragon dead and Erebor more-or-less secure for the moment, Gimli took the Ring from Bilbo, just like she promised in Esgaroth, and together with her sentinel set out to Mordor to destroy it. Unfortunately, as soon as they left Esgaroth, Gimli was kidnapped by orcs and brought to Gundabad. A furious sentinel and a battle later, she was freed and they went south to seek shelter and advice from Galadriel. After they left Lothlórien, they were chased by all kinds of dark creatures, until they reachd Mount Doom and finally destroyed the Ring.
Pairings: fem Gimli/Legolas, past fem Narví/Celebrimbor
Warnings:rule 63, canon level violence, One Ring, minor character death (meaning orcs mostly), implied character death (Narví & Celebrimbor), abduction, explicit sex

Title:Small Steps Forward
Summary: After ladder truck accident during his physical rehabilitation Buck meets Felicity who supports him during his recovery and his journey back to the work he loves.
Pairings:Evan ‘Buck: Buckley {9-1-1}/Felicity Smoak {Arrow}
Warnings: No warnings.

Title: Tony Stark Fucks off to Canada
Summary: When Tony Stark is approached about signing the Sokovia Accords, he’s told he has two choices: sign and remain Iron Man, or don’t sign and give up the suit for ever. Tony thinks of a third option: he could take all his cookies and move to Canada.
Pairings:Gen, Tony Stark centric. Might wind up with pre-slash vibes
Warnings:Discussions of mind-rape with magic. Canon-typical themes and violence.

Title: Call is Answered (Working Title)
Summary: Tony comes online as a Guide during Dead Air and it is felt across the United States. Bravo Team is at the Pentagon and when they feel him come online they go on the hunt to find him and to terminate the threat to him. Will have Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, all 3 NCIS, SEAL Team, Stargate Series, and Teen Wolf in it…
Pairings:Tony DiNozzo/Jason Hayes, Jason & Clay, Tony & Gibbs, Tony & Stiles, Tony & Derek, Tony & John Sheppard, Tony & Rodney McKay, Tony & Vance
Warnings: Ziva David Bashing, Tim McGee bashing, Abby bashing, Canon Level Violence, Discussion – Torture, Discussion – Murder, Sentinels & Guides are Known

Title: Killing Me Softly
Summary:Twelve years after the war Draco attends a muggle concert and is mesmerized by the singer. This man who looks strangely familiar and who seems to pluck out all the emotions Draco has felt for so long and sings them so sweetly.
Warnings:Character Bashing – Hermione Granger and Various Weasley Family Members

#19 Claimed
Title: Butterfly (Temp Title)
Summary:Stiles was left at the altar after spending her entire life in a relationship with Scott McCall in one way or another. Her friends decide take her out for a night of drinking, dancing, and hopefully, debauchery. Can she change a lifetime of habit and restrictions to embrace who she can be; who she wants to be? Will she take a chance on hot bartender & club owner, Derek Hale, at least for one night?
Pairings:Female Stiles/Derek Hale
Warnings:NC-17, Language, Sex, Rule 63 Stiles, AU

Title:Brother (Let Me Be Your Shelter)
Summary: Clay Spencer seeks out Jason Hayes after Mexico to clear the air. The result ends up being the two men sharing a house along with Jason’s kids giving them each something they need. Clay learns more about what a family really is. Jason gets another adult to help fill the silence that’s slowly driving him crazy. This will be a Father & Son type relationship between the two men. Tony DiNozzo will be included in the story but most likely in a secondary role. That could change though. This idea is just in its beginning stages. Main idea is the friendship (& Father & Son type relationship) between Jason and Clay.
Pairings:Gen with background pairings both M/M and M/F most likely. Jason Hayes & Clay Spencer, Jason Hayes & Bravo Team, Clay Spencer & Bravo Team. Possible Tony DiNozzo/Eric Blackburn or Tony DiNozzo/Brock Reynolds background
Warnings: Warnings can change. Mentions of Childhood Neglect possible. Character Bashing (Ash Spencer, Stella Baxter and Anthony DiNozzo Sr), Post Canon Minor Character Death. (Note: This plot is still forming, but I don’t anticipate anything major. I generally don’t deal w major warning issues outside what I mentioned above.)

#21 Claimed
Title: Not confirmed yet (Temp Title)
Summary: Stiles is the younger brother of tony stark, rescued by the winter soldier after his parents are murdered. They hide in beacon hills and manage to stay under the radar until werewolf shenanigans.
PairingsBucky Barnes/Tony Stark/Peter Hale, Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale
Warnings:Minor Character deaths (kate and gerard so you know, meh), canon levels of violence for MCU/Teen Wolf, kidnapping,Scott Bashing

Title: Saving Severus Snape
Summary:Harry has learned, the hard way, to not trust the Ministry. In the days immediately after defeating Voldemort, Harry is worried about what will happen next. What does the Ministry have in mind for both himself and Professor Snape, who has survived Nagini’s bite? Fearful of what might happen, Harry arranges to take an almost-healed Snape out of the infirmary and puts them both into hiding. But when Snape finally regains consciousness, he doesn’t remember anything since he was a student in Hogwarts — just before he and Lily had their falling out. Harry now needs to: protect himself and Snape from the Ministry; get them both healthy; deal with a Snape who does not hate him; negotiate a safe exit from hiding for both of them; and figure out what happens when Snape gets his memory back.
Pairings:Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Warnings:Amnesia, canon-typical violence, flashbacks to Battle of Hogwarts,

#23 Claimed
Title: Boundaries
Summary: Tony meets the woman of his dreams but there’s a catch. She wants an emotionally healthy partner and relationship. So Tony is off to therapy and change slowly starts to happen. But like the tortoise, Tony finds that small steps lead to winning the race.
Pairings:Jethro/Tony, Tony/OFC, Jackie/Leon
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, repressed anger, mentions of substance abuse


Title: Cheating Fate
Summary: When Sam saved himself from Azazel’s elimination game he needed to take a break from Hunting all together. Taking time for himself, he began to help Bobby around the junkyard and began to find something he thought he had lost, a purpose that had nothing to do with Hunting. Along the way he finds new mentors that help him harness his powers without resorting to dangerous addictive measures. When a new threat arises, Sam will be more ready than he ever thought he would be.
Pairings: Sam Winchester/OMC
Warnings: Discussion – Violence, Canon-Typical violence, Discussion – Child Abuse, Discussion – Mental Health Issues, Not Canon Compliant, Canon Divergent

#25 Claimed 
Title: The Navy Has Fallen (Working Title)
Summary: Tony comes online as a Guide during Boxed In and it is felt throughout the world because it resonates through the spirit plane as well as physically. Mike Banning is pulled online due to Tony coming online and he immediately starts hunting for him along with several other Sentinels and Guides. Tony is a Wolf Guide and is a Shaman. Several people get what they have the coming and they don’t even realize just how much trouble they are in until it’s too late. Will have Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis
Pairings: Tony DiNozzo/Mike Banning, Tony & Gibbs
Warnings: Canon Level – Violence, Ziva bashing, Tim bashing, McGee bashing, Jenny Shepard bashing, Sentinels & Guides are known

Title: La Familia No Es Solo Sangre
Summary: Judge Joseph Dredd had lived through Hell most of his life. Born a clone of Chief Judge Eustace T. Fargo, his entire childhood and early adulthood was nothing but a lie. He’d been created to serve, created to be a Judge…part of the Janus Project, which had been shut down when several other cloned Judges went crazy, among them his best friend/partner/lover Rico Montez whom had been a clone of Chief Judge Fargo’s partner Chief Judge Christopher Franks. In order to continue on after having to put Rico in the Slam, Dredd turned off his emotions, two years later he met his new partner, and found that turning off emotions around her was impossible. With his new partner, Psy Judge Anaya Val Dez came her entire family. For even in the darkest nights, there is still light, and even a clone can find a family. Family isn’t only blood, it’s built from those around you, through trial, heartbreak, tears, and laughter. Found family is the best type. In the aftermath of Peach Trees, Dredd will find that even those who seem irredeemable, can still be saved; and love and family are the more important than justice.
Pairings: Dredd/OFC, Dredd/OFC/Rico other pairings TBD.
Warnings:Canon level violence, mentions of drug use, torture, kidnapping, rape (all off screen), mentions of racism, mentions of prostitution, dystopian world, speciesism, mutants are OP.

Title: Untitled as of now (Temp Title)
Summary:On the day of the Hale Reunion, Peter is late getting home and asked by Talia and his mother to take the kids out for a hike because they’re driving everyone insane. So Peter takes all the younger kids out for a nature hike, letting them play like the children they are as dinner is cooking. They have no idea anything is wrong until Peter is hit with the Alpha Spark. Fearing for their family, and terrified because they can feel the familial pack bonds breaking, the kids and Peter rush back to the house, only to arrive too late. The house is destroyed, the fire is out, and Sheriff Noah Stilinksi is standing with Stiles, Laura and Derek who had just arrived from Derek’s basketball game. Noah and Stiles had just lost Claudia two months ago, both were struggling, but were hopeful that things would get better, then Noah received a call about a fire at the Hale House, and his blood ran to ice. His best friend Peter Hale was supposed to have been in the house. He and Stiles rush over, only to find Laura and Derek standing in front of the house as the Fire Fighters put out the blaze, then they hear shouts from the woods and turn to see Peter and the kids coming out of them. Noah and Peter band together, offering each other support, but everyone is struggling. One night, after waking up from a nightmare, Stiles climbs over all the kids to go to the restroom and overhears his dad and Peter talking about how they’re going to make this work, how his dad needs to quit trying to find solace at the bottom of a bottle. Fearing that his new family would be torn apart because of stupid reasons, Stiles sneaks into his dad’s room and makes a phone call. That call will change everyone’s lives.
Pairings gen, Pre-Noah/Peter/OFC
Warnings: canon typical violence, hate crimes (hunters), death of minor characters, mentions of PTSD, mentions of alcoholism, warning Kate Argent, canon mentions of grooming of a minor, warning Gerard Argent’s crazy, mentions child neglect, mentions child abuse (Claudia in an episode)


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