Stories for the 2021 Every Fandom Bang

Posting DateAuthorStoryArtistArt Link
6/16Harley J QuinnSkeletons (Never Stay Buried)PenumbriaArt on AO3
6/17kiayeaKneazle’s Kitten
on AO3 and WordPress
HelgatwbArt in the story
6/18EllywinkleCode Bound
on WordPress
G.LoveArt on AO3
6/20DuochanfanBeginSpencnerTibbsLuvr Art in the story
6/21FaerieMystHarry Potter and The New BeginningHalestromArt on AO3
6/22Sibyl_MoonSomething NewJellycattyArt
6/23AngelNDarknessNavy Has FallenEllywinkleArt on WordPress
6/24Ferrus39The Other ChildKyliaArt
6/25kiayeaAmralime 3: The Ring
on AO3 and WordPress
G.Love Art on AO3
6/26AngelNDarknessAnswering the CallSpuddoc Art in the story
6/26Grovehove or Blue RoseProbability PracticeGloriaArt in the story
6/27DuochanfanThe Slaughter HouseSpencnerTibbsLuvr Art in the story
6/29Jilly JamesTipping PointDarkseraphinaArt on AO3
6/29DazeventuraKilling Me SoftlyCoCo Art in the story
6/30Jilly JamesTony Stark Fucks Off To Canada
Series and Story on
SpencnerTibbsLuvr Art in the story
6/30Rivermoon1970Cheating Fate (No Fic Posting)DazeventuraArt on AO3